We love people.

And while we love good graphic and web design, we love being able to meet a need even more. Your company started with an idea. One that was also created to meet a need. It’s our honor to take your idea – your product or service – and show it to the people that needed it to begin with. We get to tell your story, through web development, branding, graphic design and video production. And because we consider ourselves a marketing collective – running lean and partnering with other small businesses – more of your money goes toward a great solution, and less toward overhead costs. We meet your needs and your budget by connecting you with the rest of our creative family. 



You'll always get
the two of us

Our creative teams will flex and change to meet your project’s needs, but you’ll always get the two of us as your team leads.

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Kenny's been leading marketing and creative strategy for more than ten years. His design and brand identity skills have allowed him to work with brands like Vans, Sony, the NFL, Michelin, Rubbermaid and many more. He began Counsel Creative when he realized that his background in digital design blended perfectly with Rachel's business sense and project management skills. But his heart is with helping people. Kenny brought his love for the outdoors from his home in Tacoma Washington to Chattanooga, where he can often be found on an adventure with his wife and son.



Rachel's background in Business Management and Human Resources keeps Counsel Creative's doors open. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Rachel has built a career serving industries like oil and gas, retirement investments, tourism, automotive and property management. Her journey into the creative space began with a leap of faith into Tennessee (seriously, ask her about it.) Today she often acts as the voice of Counsel Creative, keeping her clients engaged and informed. Rachel loves candles and laundry (yes, seriously) and if she's not running a project, you'll probably find her painting the town with her husband and a very special four-year-old named Ben.