Your pretty marketing materials are not your brand. You are your brand.

Have you ever felt like your marketing collateral, email and social media don't feel that unique or coordinated? Can you say that your customer's experience feels consistent from the first time they see your website to the packaging in which their delivery came to their customer service phone call?

It could be that your don't understand your brand. What is a brand, you ask? The best definition we've heard is your brand is how people talk about your company when you're not in the room. Your brand is the experience you give your customer, be it intentional or not.

Branding your business takes the power of the messages you're sending the world back into your own hands. We can help your team create a brand, and eventually, design a professional logo. With just a few workshops and some research, we can help you identify and craft your brand's personality, voice and style.

Once you're done, your whole team will have a clear understanding of who you are, how you should interact with the world and how to speak to your customers.




Branding and
Design Services



Brand positioning + Brand Discovery Sessions + Market and Competitive Research + Brand Personas + Brand Voice Guides + Graphic Design Style Guide + Custom Logo Design + Marketing Consultation + Prototypes + On-Brand Web Design and Marketing Collateral


Here are some of a few of our favorite brand strategy examples:





Here's what our clients have to say

Our Clients have rated Counsel Creative 5/5 based on 23 reviews


"I would highly recommend working with Counsel Creative on any creative project. They are both excellent at their craft and a joy to work with. We tasked them with a difficult assignment: rebranding our company with a new visual identity that our clients could show to stakeholders and have the stakeholders say, “You made a great choice of vendor. I’m really confident in investing our marketing budget with Pathfinder Films.” Counsel Creative took our vague goal and ran with it. They guided us through a process that clarified how we want our prospects to feel by unpacking how colors, shapes, fonts, and symbols shape perception. At each step Counsel Creative over-delivered. They brought three unique solutions for our rebrand. Each approach had a distinct voice, and all three options were presented with potential applications of how the brand could be applied in the wild. That level of detail really helped us picture the merits of each approach. During the revisions process they went beyond what was expected, making sure that the final product was one that we’d still love in 10 or 20 years."

Chattanooga Logo Design

"Long story short, these professionals are creative, responsive, and caring about each project they undertake. They thoroughly exceeded our firms expectations. Seeking first to understand our firm's philosophy and unique value proposition, they then brought components of style, branding, and logo balance that we would have never considered into an excellent visual translation of our firms message, brand, and identity. Be careful, they may make you look better than you expect!" Branding and Logo Design


"I've partnered with Counsel Creative on multiple projects and each experience has been phenomenal. They are extremely talented, punctual, and communicative. More than that, they're just great people. Working with them, you won't find someone who just does good work. You'll find someone who truly cares about you. I'm so glad to endorse them with 5 enthusiastic stars." Chattanooga Logo Design


It's actually a really fun experience. We promise. Ready to talk about it?