Counsel Creative Recognized for 11 ADDY’s at American Advertising Awards

This past March, the American Advertising Federation of Chattanooga celebrated its 52nd year of recognizing the best of advertising at the annual American Advertising Awards. Thanks to the care and support of our clients, community, and creative team, we were blessed to receive 11 ADDY’s for the work created this past year. While it’s great to be validated for the hard work we put into what we do, it’s even more humbling to think of the amazing people who have helped us get to this point.

We’d like to thank the following for giving us the tremendous opportunity to serve:


Newstart Wellness (Elements of Advertising, Visual, Logo Design)
JHM (Online/Interactive, Websites, Websites Consumer)


Broadway Roulette (Online/Interactive, Social Media Campaign)
Pathfinder Films (Elements of Advertising, Visual, Logo Design)
Mayfield Dairy (Cross Platform, Integrated Advertising Campaigns, Consumer Campaign)
Goalsetter (Online/Interactive, Social Media Campaign)
Goo Goo Cluster (Sales & Marketing, Direct Marketing, Specialty Advertising, Apparel)
Elizabeth's Moving & Storage (Film, Video & Sound, Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign)


Elizabeth's Moving & Storage (Copywriting)
JHM (Film, Video & Sound, Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign)
The Truth Project (Film, Video & Sound, Branded Content & Entertainment Campaign)

Counsel Creative was founded on cultivating brands and relationships that matter. Nothing would be possible without the incredible individuals who made working, living, and breathing this mission a reality. To all who have served with us or entrusted our team with your brand: thank you. We consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate to call you a part of our growing family.


"Counsel Creative is a hidden gem in the creative space."

"My entire NYC team was blown away by the work they were able to generate in a matter of DAYS (which other agencies said would take weeks). Their production was so good, in fact, it opened the doors for us to participate in a series of added-value beta tests with Facebook, which have been invaluable as we grow.”

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
Broadway Roulette

"Your work will be a lasting tribute to Ruth's life."

"Their work on The Truth Project website was truly spectacular. Unlike a business site, the level of compassion and emotional engagement to capture and organize the ideas and content took a lot of heart. And you guys delivered. Depicting and articulating a person with words and video as you did with Ruth forced you and your team to dig deep into an emotional well that ordinary websites don’t require. My family is deeply indebted to you and your team."

Ken Samuelson
The Truth Project

"They have truly become part of our family."

"I simply can't say enough about our firm's experience with Kenny and Rachel. Aside from their incredible creativity and step-by-step communication throughout the process of building out our website, Kenny and Rachel brought an amazing level of sincerity and professionalism to everything they do. I'm very comfortable in giving them my highest recommendation."

Dean Krech