Now Hiring: Project Manager (Chattanooga, TN)

Do you find joy in creating order in chaos? Does growing and maintaining client relationships excite you? Can you whip up excel spreadsheets and timelines like a boss? Is organizing, managing, and motivating right up your alley? Is one of life’s greatest satisfactions checking things off your to-do list?

If you find yourself nodding along, Counsel Creative is looking for a project manager / account executive / organizer extraordinaire superhero just like you.

We’re looking for someone…

• Excited to learn about a variety of clients and their vision, take that to our team, and find a solution that goes above and beyond the client’s expectations
• Able to work with different personalities / work styles and exhibit an understanding of how creative teams work
• Who is a self-motivated, proactive solution seeker that finds joy in seeing projects come together from beginning to end
• Experienced in managing multiple projects or assignments simultaneously
• Confident, personable, and able to make a client feel secure, comfortable, and understood
• Who never wants to stop learning how to further care for clients and the team
• With a deep admiration for Chick-fil-a and Mojo Burrito

Responsibilities and Duties

• Handle the production schedule for all projects from concept to delivery
• Develop and manage project plans for new projects (timelines, milestones, and overall project plans for execution; ensure work is progressing according to plan)
• Document, maintain, and distribute project tasks to team members as needed
• Lead weekly production meetings to maintain clear lines of team communication and hit schedule dates; provide regular project statuses
• Manage client relationships and internal expectations
• Represent creative in meetings as-needed
• Organize internal / external communications and make sure deliverable are met; troubleshoot issues and manage expectations by keeping key parties informed

Core Characteristics

• Attention to detail, organization, and time management
• Capacity and desire to lead, manage and grow this agency’s productivity
• Problem solving, logic, initiative, and intellectual curiosity
• Hospitality, empathy, and servant-hearted attitude
• Well-written and strong communication skills (interpersonal, written, and verbal)
• Strong work ethic, humility, reliability, and trustworthiness
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Capacity to wear many hats
• Enthusiasm
• Active listening and critical thinking
• Ability to build and maintain positive, productive working relationships


• Preferably 1-2 years of project management experience
• Have handled several projects that include prioritizing responsibilities and managing time for members of the team, and tracking details of multiple projects simultaneously
• Knows the marketing, branding, web development, video production process
• Quality proofing skills and a good eye for the visual details
• Experience working with Apple based applications, Adobe suite, and project management software

At Counsel Creative, we want to provide a space where you can feel loved, valued, and appreciated for your talents and hard work. If you are looking for a place where you can create quality and purposeful work while engaging in positive and meaningful relationships; if you find joy in being authentic and loving on others; if you’re looking for a safe space that cultivates growth and inspires hope; and if puns and dog memes are necessary for daily survival—let’s start talking. We consider ourselves family, and we’d love for you to be a part of it too.

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"Counsel Creative is a hidden gem in the creative space."

"My entire NYC team was blown away by the work they were able to generate in a matter of DAYS (which other agencies said would take weeks). Their production was so good, in fact, it opened the doors for us to participate in a series of added-value beta tests with Facebook, which have been invaluable as we grow.”

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
Broadway Roulette

"Your work will be a lasting tribute to Ruth's life."

"Their work on The Truth Project website was truly spectacular. Unlike a business site, the level of compassion and emotional engagement to capture and organize the ideas and content took a lot of heart. And you guys delivered. Depicting and articulating a person with words and video as you did with Ruth forced you and your team to dig deep into an emotional well that ordinary websites don’t require. My family is deeply indebted to you and your team."

Ken Samuelson
The Truth Project

"They have truly become part of our family."

"I simply can't say enough about our firm's experience with Kenny and Rachel. Aside from their incredible creativity and step-by-step communication throughout the process of building out our website, Kenny and Rachel brought an amazing level of sincerity and professionalism to everything they do. I'm very comfortable in giving them my highest recommendation."

Dean Krech