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When choosing the right agency fit, Broadway Roulette knew what was important to them - people. Our simple heart song, “we love people” spoke to Liz and her team and after being initially hired to design a handful of static social media ads, our love for each other grew as well. Since helping increase purchases 84X on Facebook, we’ve led the New York based business through progressively larger solutions including video and web design.

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The company's newest roulette, Beyond Broadway, gives customers the opportunity to discover amazing shows outside the confines of the Great White Way. We focused the new branding around the youthful nature of a night out on NYC - with a simple color palette and bold typography, it makes a statement without being forceful while it’s stacked logotype is a nod to it’s big sister, Broadway Roulette.

"My entire NYC team was blown away by the work they were able to generate in a matter of DAYS (which other agencies said would take weeks). Their production was so good, in fact, it opened the doors for us to participate in a series of added-value beta tests with Facebook, which have been invaluable as we grow.”

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
Broadway Roulette

"Counsel Creative is a hidden gem in the creative space."


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