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A meeting that initially had us in the client seat quickly saw the roles reversed once the team members of JHM realized the power of design and their need for a creative partnership. Since beginning work with the company, our two families have become one and together we’ve developed successful solutions to some of their biggest creative needs - including the daunting question, “how do we grow our workforce?" Through our video campaign, "More than a Name, More than a Number” and their new website, we’ve shown new and potential team members that JHM isn’t only a good place to work, it’s a place to find family.

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"I simply can't say enough about our firm's experience with Kenny and Rachel. Aside from their incredible creativity and step-by-step communication throughout the process of building out our website, Kenny and Rachel brought an amazing level of sincerity and professionalism to everything they do. I'm very comfortable in giving them my highest recommendation."

Dean Krech

"They have truly become part of our family."


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