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Ruth Samuelson, a North Carolina politician, spent her life studying and striving to become a better wife, leader, mother, and, most importantly, follower of Christ. A generous woman, she freely shared what she learned with anyone who needed her help. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and passing away in early 2017, her family found themselves with an abundance of wisdom she had left behind. Rather than keeping her legacy to themselves, they wanted to honor her vision, passion, and years of hard work with a collection of her assets. Through website, branding, and over 21 interviews, we helped her family craft a resource for all to use - one that Ruth would be proud of.

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"Their work on the The Truth Project website was truly spectacular. Unlike a business site, the level of compassion and emotional engagement to capture and organize the ideas and content took a lot of heart. And you guys delivered. Depicting and articulating a person with words and video as you did with Ruth forced you and your team to dig deep into an emotional well that ordinary websites don’t require. My family is deeply indebted to you and your team."

Ken Samuelson
The Truth Project

"Your work will be a lasting tribute to Ruth's life."


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